1972 Mercedes-Benz 600 W100


Mercedes-Benz 600 W100 is known for its luxurious history, having been owned by prestigious individuals over the years. Passed down through two or three previous owners, its first was reportedly a famous Russian singer who bought it from "TOUFIC GARGOUR" in Lebanon. Its silver exterior remains flawless, with no damage or rust, while the interior boasts high-quality maroon leather upholstery. Powered by a 6.3L V8 engine and 4-speed automatic transmission, it delivers 247hp for a smooth and powerful ride. Beyond its performance, the 600 W100 offers unmatched comfort thanks to its advanced hydraulic system, setting a standard for luxury and sophistication in the automotive world.


The Mercedes-Benz 600 W100 stands as an icon of automotive luxury and prestige, renowned for its illustrious history. Introduced in the 1960s, this flagship model quickly became synonymous with sophistication and elegance, captivating the attention of dignitaries, celebrities, and heads of state worldwide. With its imposing presence, unparalleled comfort, and cutting-edge technology, the 600 W100 became the vehicle of choice for presidents, monarchs, and business tycoons, solidifying its status as the ultimate symbol of power and wealth. Its illustrious ownership roster includes names like Elvis Presley, John Lennon, and numerous heads of state, including the Kings of Saudi Arabia, further cementing its legendary status. Even decades after its production ceased, the Mercedes-Benz 600 W100 continues to command admiration and respect, serving as a timeless testament to automotive excellence and luxury.

19,000 km
Exterior Color
Mint Condition
Engine Size
6.3L V8
AED 850000