1979 Mercedes-Benz SEL 450 6.9


Mercedes-Benz SEL 450 6.9 with ABS brakes available and epitomizes automotive excellence with its long wheelbase sedan design and groundbreaking 6.9L engine, the largest ever engineered by Mercedes. Its exterior exudes sophistication, featuring a striking chrome grille, front and rear bumpers, all elegantly finished in Silver. Inside, the opulent Brown leather upholstery and meticulously crafted wood accents on the dashboard create an atmosphere of luxury and refinement. Powering this masterpiece is a formidable V8 6.9L engine paired with a seamless 3-speed automatic transmission, delivering exhilarating performance at every turn. Complemented by a self-leveling hydraulic system, the SEL 450 6.9 ensures a smooth and stable ride, setting a new standard for automotive luxury and engineering prowess.


The Mercedes-Benz SEL 450 with its revolutionary 6.9L engine represents a pinnacle of automotive luxury and engineering excellence. Introduced in 1975, this flagship sedan was conceived as a showcase of Mercedes-Benz's commitment to unparalleled comfort, performance, and innovation. The development of the 6.9L engine was driven by a desire to offer discerning customers uncompromising power and refinement. Boasting a sophisticated self-leveling hydraulic suspension system and opulent interior appointments including premium leather upholstery and exquisite wood trim, the SEL 450 6.9 redefined luxury in the automotive world. Its formidable V8 engine provided remarkable performance, effortlessly combining power with refinement. This fusion of luxury and performance cemented the SEL 450 6.9's place in automotive history as an icon of sophistication and technological advancement.

140,000 km
Exterior Color
Mint Condition
Engine Size
6.9L V8
AED 250000