2002 Volkswagen Beetle 1.6L


Volkswagen Beetle 1.6L stands out in automotive history for its distinctive blend of nostalgia and modernity. Produced during Volkswagen's era of global expansion, this model was manufactured in Mexico, showcasing the brand's commitment to international production. Boasting an exterior painted in timeless white and a cozy cloth grey interior, it exudes a classic charm while offering comfort and functionality. Equipped with air conditioning, it ensures a pleasant driving experience in any climate. Under the hood, the 1.6L 4-cylinder naturally aspirated engine paired with a manual transmission delivers a responsive and engaging ride. With its mild yet reliable performance and great condition, the 2002 Volkswagen Beetle 1.6L is a coveted choice for enthusiasts and those seeking a unique driving experience that seamlessly blends heritage with modern conveniences.


The 2002 Volkswagen Beetle 1.6L holds a unique place in automotive history as a product of Volkswagen's manufacturing in Mexico. Representing a modern interpretation of the iconic Beetle design, this model embodies the fusion of classic styling with contemporary engineering. Manufactured in Volkswagen's Puebla plant, which has been a significant hub for the brand since the late 1960s, the Beetle 1.6L epitomizes Volkswagen's commitment to global production strategies. Mexico's skilled workforce and strategic location have made it a crucial production site for Volkswagen, ensuring the model's adherence to the brand's renowned quality standards while also catering to the demands of international markets. With its distinctive design and reliable performance, the 2002 Volkswagen Beetle 1.6L built in Mexico remains a beloved choice for drivers seeking a blend of nostalgia and modernity.

15,000 km
Exterior Color
Japan import
Engine Size
1.6L inline-4
AED 45000