1952 MG TD


MG TD is a classic British sports car celebrated for its distinctive design and historical significance. Born out of the post-war era, the TD continued the legacy of MG's T-series, boasting a unique blend of pre-war styling with modern mechanical improvements. A British spec made for the soldier whom he servers for the WW2 within the British, a hierarchy which they made to him living in America to the left steering. The exterior is resplendent in a timeless green hue, epitomizing the elegance of the era. Inside, the brown leather seats and wooden steering wheel evoke a sense of luxury, complemented by a dashboard crafted from rich brown wood. Under the hood, the MG TD is powered by a spirited engine, contributing to its reputation as a spirited and enduring icon of automotive history, embodying the spirit of open-air motoring from a bygone era. Engine has 1.3L inline-4 and 4-speed manual transmission. The original transmission of 3-speed is available if needed.


The 1952 MG TD stands as an emblematic icon of British automotive heritage, representing a pivotal era in sports car design and popularity. Introduced in 1950 as a successor to the TC model, the TD retained the classic MG styling while incorporating modern features like independent front suspension and a more spacious interior, catering especially to the American market. Powered by a 1.3-liter inline-four engine producing around 54 horsepower, the TD offered an exhilarating driving experience characterized by agility and charm. Throughout its production, which ended in 1953 with the introduction of the MG TF, the TD garnered widespread acclaim and became a symbol of affordable luxury and sporting prowess, leaving an indelible mark on automotive history.

2,250 miles
Exterior Color
Engine Size
1.3L inline-4
AED 250000